What is a Gift Membership?

Gift subscriptions are a way for you to give the gift of TYT membership. They are available in pre-set durations of 3, 6, or 12 months or you can buy a renewing membership that will continue for as long as you like. Gift memberships are available for purchase at both the TYT Insider and TYT Activist levels.


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How does it work?

When you purchase a gift membership, a personalized email is delivered to the recipient (you get a copy, too). We can send it right away, or you can select a different delivery date. Your recipient only needs to click the redemption link in the email, and set up the account with an email address, name and password.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the gift subscription begins once it is redeemed by the recipient.

Can I purchase a gift subscription to someone who is already a current member?

No. You can only give a gift subscription to former members or people you know who have never been a member before. If the intended recipient is a current TYT member in good standing, they won’t be able to redeem the gift.

Can I purchase multiple gift subscriptions?

Yes! You can mix and match fixed-duration and renewing memberships and/or TYT Insider and TYT Activist memberships to customize each gift.

  • In your Shopping Cart during purchase, click ADD ANOTHER GIFT before checkout.
  • OR Purchase additional gifts on your TYT.com Account Profile. Select PLUS MEMBERSHIPS, then MY GIFT ACCOUNTS, and click on PURCHASE ADDITIONAL GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS

Can I personalize my gift?

Yes! When you purchase a gift membership, you have the option to customize your gift email:

  • Identify yourself by name or nickname
  • Use your recipient’s name or nickname
  • Add a short message
  • Choose a visual theme for your gift email based on some of TYT’s leading personalities. (The theme will default to Cenk if you don’t choose one.)

Can I schedule the delivery of my gifts?

Yes — you can set the date the gift email will be sent to the recipient during the ordering process. You can also choose to have the gift email sent immediately after purchase. 

How will I know that my gift email was sent when scheduled?

The redemption email will not be sent until the delivery date you specified during the purchase process. On the scheduled delivery date, we’ll send you a copy of the same email your recipient received so you’ll know that it was sent and what was said.

I tried to give a gift subscription and the recipient never got the redemption email -- what should I do?

You can resend your gift email any time (for gifts that haven’t been redeemed) from the MY GIFT ACCOUNTS page. Please note: you can only resend your gift email once every 24 hours up until the time it’s redeemed.

How is a gift membership redeemed?

After your gift purchase is completed, an email containing your gift message and a link to redeem the gift is sent to the recipient email address you provided, on the date of your choosing. Your recipient only needs to click the redemption link in the email and set up the account with an email address, name, and password.

How will I know if my gift has been redeemed?

Just check the status of your gift on the MY GIFT ACCOUNTS page. Each gift you’ve purchased will display up-to-the-minute redemption status.

What are the terms of sale for gift subscriptions?

Gift subscriptions can be one-time or recurring purchases. For fixed-duration gift subscriptions, the full purchase price will be charged at the time of purchase and is nonrefundable. Renewing memberships will be billed each month (or year, if annual gift memberships are purchased) until cancelled.

How are gift subscription purchases billed?

For renewing gift memberships, you must use the same credit card that you use for your own renewing membership, if applicable. This is because TYT’s payment processor only allows one form of payment for renewing memberships of any kind (your membership and your gift memberships). You can change the card you use for your renewing memberships (including your own) in the Shopping Cart if you like.

Can I cancel my gift subscriptions?

You can only cancel monthly and annually recurring memberships. Fixed memberships (3, 6, and 12 month one-time purchases) cannot be canceled. You can cancel subscriptions under your account. If you have any trouble, you can reach out to us at support@tytnetwork.com. Please note that you cannot cancel Amplify Package subscriptions, as these are all fixed-term memberships.

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