What can I do if the Gift Recipient did not receive the Redemption Email?

You can resend your gift email any time (for gifts that haven’t been redeemed) from the My Gift Accounts page on TYT.com. 

PLEASE NOTE: You can only resend your gift email once every 24 hours up until the time it’s redeemed.

How to Resend a Gift Membership Redemption Email:

  1. Login to TYT.com
  2. Click on the PROFILE link in the upper right corner 
  5. Locate the Gift you want to resend
  6. Check the up-to-the-minute REDEMPTION STATUS of your gift. If the gift has not been redeemed, you can resend the redemption email. 

  7. Click the RESEND GIFT MESSAGE link 

NOTE: The ability to manage Gift Memberships is not currently available on the App.

If you have any issues, you can contact us at support@tytnetwork.com.

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