How to Login on TYT.com or the TYT app

  1. If you already have a TYT account, click the SIGN IN link in the top right corner of the TYT.com website or the TYT app.

  1. Select SIGN IN at the bottom

  1. On the sign in page, either enter the email address and password you used during account registration, OR use one of the SSO (Single Sign-on) options, depending on which method you used to create your account
    • If you enter your email/password, click  SIGN IN  

    • If you select an SSO option, follow the sign in for the selected platform.

You should now be signed in and see your PROFILE PICTURE in the upper right corner.

Selecting your PROFILE PICTURE allows you to access your SETTINGS, DOWNLOADS, NOTIFICATIONS and SIGN OUT.

NOTE: If you SIGNED UP ON THE APP, you may need to REGISTER on the app for your login to be recognized on TYT.com.

Check here for some potential solutions to LOGIN ISSUES.

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