I want to use my YouTube channel membership on TYT.com

If you purchased TYT membership via YouTube, you can now enjoy all the benefits of TYT membership on TYT.com! 
This article helps you connect your YouTube Channel Membership (YTCM) purchase with a new TYT account. If you already have a TYT account, click here for instructions.   

Getting Started:

  • Navigate to TYT.com
  • Select "Sign In" in the top right corner
  • Select Sign In with "YouTube"

  • Sign in with the YouTube identity that was used to purchase your membership. It's important that you choose the Google Account or Brand Account you used to purchase. If you choose a different account, we won't be able to locate your YouTube Channel Membership.

  • Select "Next". You will be prompted to allow access to TYT.com

  • Select "Allow". Make sure you keep "View your YouTube account" checked. If this is not checked we will not be able to verify your YouTube Channel Membership (YTCM)
  • After you complete the sign in process with Google, you will be returned to TYT.com. If we do not recognize your email, we'll ask you to enter one to associate with your new TYT account:

  • We'll then ask if you'd like to receive emails from TYT:

  • After you make your selection, choose Continue

  • Select "Get Started" to return to the home page and start enjoying your membership, use the Profile option to fill out your user profile, or use the Account option to view your new TYT account.

Troubleshooting: If we cannot find your YTCM membership

Make sure to connect the YouTube identity that you used to purchase YouTube Channel Membership on The Young Turks YouTube channel. If you have multiple brand accounts or Google accounts, you'll need to connect the right one in order for us to connect the dots. If we cannot find your membership on the account you selected, you may see this screen:

Use "Connect another account" to choose another YouTube account if you chose a YouTube account which did not purchase TYT membership on YouTube.

Question: Can I use my TYT.com membership to get the YouTube-specific perks while I use YouTube? 

At this time, memberships purchased on TYT.com cannot be used on YouTube to obtain the platform-specific perks such as badges and channel-specific emotes. If you wish to have these features you will have to purchase YouTube Channel Membership. We hope you'll keep your membership on TYT.com, so we do offer a lower priced option on YouTube that gives you the platform-specific perks at a slight additional cost.  

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