I want to connect my YouTube membership to my existing TYT.com account

This article will help you connect your YouTube Channel Membership (YTCM) for The Young Turks on YouTube to your existing TYT.com account. If you have a Channel Membership but you do not yet have a TYT.com account, click here for instructions on how to create a new account.

You can use "Connect Account" to choose a YouTube account to connect to TYT.com. Here are steps to connect your TYT account to YouTube.

Getting Started:

  • Make sure you are signed in to your TYT.com account.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Accounts
  • Select the YouTube Channel icon

  • Sign in with your YouTube identity.

  • Select Next
  • Enter Password 
  • Select Next
  • Your YouTube account should now be connected.

If the account you connected is associated with a YouTube Channel Membership, you should now be entitled to membership content on TYT.com. To confirm that,

  • Select "Membership Accounts" on the sidebar
  • Verify that "YouTube Channel Membership" is shown. 
  • Due to a technical limitation, you may see $4.99 as the price even if you have selected a different level on YouTube. This does not affect your billing with YouTube.

Help! I do not see my YouTube Channel Membership after connecting my YouTube account

In order for us to recognize your membership, you must connect the YouTube identity that you used to purchase your Channel Membership. If you used a brand account, you must connect the brand account. If you used a Google account, you must attach the Google account. If you connected the wrong one, no worries! Just use the "Connect an Account" option from the "Account" page again to connect the correct one. 

Question: Can I use my TYT.com membership to get the YouTube-specific perks while I use YouTube? 

  • At this time, memberships purchased on TYT.com cannot be used on YouTube to obtain the platform-specific perks such as badges and channel-specific emotes. If you wish to have these features you will have to purchase YouTube Channel Membership. We hope you'll keep your membership on TYT.com, so we do offer a lower priced option on YouTube that gives you the platform-specific perks at a slight additional cost. 

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