How do I connect to AirPlay?

Airplay TYT Video

To show your screen on your TV, you’ll need:

  • Apple TV
  • Connect your device and Apple TV devices to the same Wi-Fi network.  
  • Here's how to check the Wi-Fi network of your mobile device or computer:
    1. On your phone's Home screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi  > connect to the network that matches your Apple TV device. 
    2. Computer - Click Wi-Fi  > connect to the network that matches your Apple TV device. 
  • 1. Choose a video
    1. Open the TYT app 
    2. Choose video content to stream
    3. Tap the Airplay button 
    2. Choose your Apple TV device

    Tap the Apple TV device you want to Airplay to > Enter Airplay code displayed on your screen. 

    Your content will start playing on the TV connected to that Apple TV device. 

    3. Stop Streaming content

    Tap the Close (X) from device > select OK! from Apple Airplay confirmation pop up.

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