How do I get content to a podcast app?

Use TYT Members-Only Podcast RSS Feeds to get all the latest episodes of your favorite show on your preferred podcast app. The podcast RSS feed URL is available to TYT Plus members on only, not the app.

  1. Login to
  2. Select PODCASTS > the SHOW you would like to add to your podcast app
  3. On the show page, SCROLL DOWN, in the right side bar, under PODCASTS, select the RSS FEED icon

  4. Select the COPY/PASTE button from the pop up
  5. Open your podcast app
  6. Copy/Paste the RSS feed URL into your podcast app. Examples:
  • Google Podcasts: Select ADD BY RSS FEED > paste the URL in the field > click SUBSCRIBE
  • Apple Podcasts: Select LIBRARY > tap EDIT in the top right-hand corner > select ADD A PODCAST BY URL at the bottom > paste the URL in the field > click SUBSCRIBE

Members can also use the download feature within our TYT app to listen to downloaded content. See Download Content.

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