Sponsorship Toolkit


TYT members and non-members can buy a bulk number of memberships that can be redeemed en masse using a code or sign-up link. Membership sponsorships are a unique way to buy a larger quantity of memberships, for a group, campaign, company, or just to pay it forward!

There are lots of ways you can distribute your sponsorship redemption codes:


If you’re looking to send out a bunch of sponsorships at once, look no further than your email contact list! You can just copy and paste your unique URL into an email and send it along. If you’re sending to a bunch of emails at once, we suggest you put your contacts’ email addresses in the BCC field of your email (instead of the To field).

Social Media

You can post your unique URL to your social media and let anyone who can see your post use one of your sponsored memberships!

Text Messaging

Text your friends and family your unique URL or the redemption code!

Student organizations and schools

If you want to donate to your favorite student organization or local school, just reach out to them directly and send them your unique URL.

Foundations / Nonprofits

Feel free to send your subscription(s) to your favorite foundation or non-profit. Or you can gift some of our favorite organizations and let them hand them out, too: Wolf-PAC, Justice Democrats

Special Events and Meetings

Offer TYT membership codes to attendees of your next meeting or event. Codes can be emailed to confirmed guests, added to swag bags, or given as prizes for participating in certain sessions or contests.

Campaign Teams

Want to show some appreciation to your favorite campaign team? Send them the gift of TYT membership for a job well done.

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