What is Operation Hope?

We are creating hope and releasing it into the world -- hope that something positive can be accomplished for the average American; hope that working together can help create that change; hope that change is possible; hope that we can revive democracy and breathe new life into it.

We are creating this hope by working together on a joint project. We will start with focusing on getting Paid Family Leave legislation to pass. This is just an example and just the beginning. 

The idea is that we gather in one place, come up with ideas on how to advance our goals, prioritize, and then execute those ideas. We do this over and over again until we learn what works. 

Then, we perfect our winning strategies until we knock down the door of intransigence and replace it with an open door of hope - a hope that we citizens might be able to govern ourselves.

From our watering hole of collaboration, multiple springs of hope will flow until they become mighty streams of righteousness. Our hope – and our effort – is to turn those streams into gardens that create fruitful change in the world.

Why Operation Hope?

People can make change happen through collaboration, and it starts by coming from a place of hope. Operation Hope is an initiative grounded in the belief that change is possible and that people can revive and save democracy when they unite around a shared objective. Our goal is for Operation Hope to become a forum for progressive-minded people to discuss, create, and execute strategies that will lead to tangible real-world change. 

How Does it Impact Me?

“Hope has a new home” in that there is now a place for like-minded individuals to meet online, plan for constructive action IRL, and collaborate to drive positive change. 

The basic idea is to “come make a difference.” People have a role in shaping this country and Operation Hope is the space to get started. 

Check out the different categories, contribute, and start engaging to be part of Operation Hope. 

How do I get started?

If you already have a tyt.com account, just sign in to Operation Hope with your tyt.com account credentials.

If you don’t already have a user profile on tyt.com, create a free account first. 

After you’ve created your free profile and account, and verified your email, go to Operation Hope to get started. You can create a new discussion, join an existing conversation, or start liking posts! 

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