Push Notifications

With TYT.com Push Notifications, you can get notifications on your mobile phone or desktop computer via your web browser. 

The kinds of Push Notifications you receive will match the TYT.com notifications shown in the Notification Center in the upper right of TYT.com. You can choose to receive notifications when someone replies to your comment, when someone likes your content, or when someone mentions you. You can control which kinds of notifications you receive in your Notifications Preferences.

You may also disable push notifications at any time.

Note that Web Push Notifications are distinct from notifications sent to you by our TYT for iOS and TYT for Android apps, and that enabling web push notifications will only apply to your current browser on your current device. If you wish to receive push notifications on other devices, you'll need to enable them from the browser on those devices.

To Update your Push Notifications 

  1. Sign In to TYT.com
  2. Click on the PROFILE PHOTO in the upper right corner
  3. Select SETTINGS
  4. Select NOTIFICATIONS > PUSH tab 

  5. To receive TYT Push Notifications in your browser, click ENABLE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. 

  6. Click ENABLE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to confirm. Click OK in the confirmation box. Click the X to close the form.
  7. To turn off Push Notifications in your browser, click DISABLE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Click OK in the confirmation box.

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