Update my Newsletter Preferences

Members and registered users: 

  • You will receive your selected newsletters at the email address associated with your TYT account.
  • NOTE: If a newsletter box is checked and you are still not receiving the TYT newsletter, please check your email spam folder. If newsletters are being sent to your spam folder, mark them as "not spam"  so they are directed to your regular inbox.

Update Newsletter Preferences

  1. SIGN IN to TYT.com or the TYT App
  2. Click on the PROFILE PHOTO in the upper right corner
  3. Select SETTINGS
  5. Select the checkbox for each NEWSLETTER you would like to receive.

  6. To UNSUBSCRIBE from a newsletter, uncheck the box

VISITORS can also subscribe to Newsletters:

  1. Go to the TYT homepage on TYT.com or the TYT App
  2. Locate the NEWSLETTER sign up box.

  3. Select the Newsletters you would like to receive
  4. Enter  your EMAIL ADDRESS
  5. Click  SIGN ME UP!
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