How I can update the Newsletters and Communication Preferences?

Communications Preferences and Newsletter

Set your Communications Preferences and subscribe to newsletters:

  • Daily Member Newsletters
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • TYT Army
  • Shop TYT

Member or Registered user:

  • Navigate to Accounts > Preferences

  • Select the checkbox for Newsletter you would like to receive.
  • Select Save

If you want to unsubscribe to a Newsletter, uncheck the box and select Save

Visitors can also receive Newsletters

  • Navigate to the homepage
  • Select the Newsletters

  • Enter Email address
  • Select Sign Me Up

TYT Apps

  • Open AppSelect Gear in top right corner
  • Select Communications Preferences

  • Select and deselect Push Notifications and Newsletters preferences
  • Select Save

*Users have option to select and deselect Newsletters when first downloading the app

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