Scams and Fake Prize Giveaways

Several audience members have reached out to share that there is a fake prize giveaway posing as a TYT host or a TYT channel in the YouTube clips comments section. This person is telling viewers that they have won a prize and to download WhatsApp or Telegram to get the prize. 

This is totally false and we’re taking steps to stop it because we don’t want you to be affected by the scam: 

  • TYT Channels are VERIFIED channels on all platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. You will know that it’s the REAL channel communicating with you if you see the CHECK MARK next to our channel name. 
  • We are not running a giveaway promotion via WhatsApp or Telegram. Please do not give anyone your personal information on WhatsApp or Telegram to claim a prize because that’s not coming from us.
  • We’re told that people who are notified they are the ‘Grand Prize Winner’ need to pay to claim the prize. That is not a promotion administered by TYT. That is a giveaway scam. 
  • Note: TYT is running a promotion, distributing Blue Apron gift cards through But none of the distribution is happening on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Article on giveaway scams:

We are responding on our end to protect our viewers from these scams. In the meantime, if you receive a message from a fake prize giveaway, please email and include the link that is falsely communicating as a TYT host or a TYT channel. Again, all TYT channels on social media platforms have a VERIFIED CHECK MARK so please look for that to know that it’s really our team communicating with you. 

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