How can I get TYT?

There are several ways to watch —and listen to — TYT! The main show The Young Turks hosted by Cenk Uygur is live daily at 6pm ET at You can find the entire live schedule on the site and the app by clicking on Live in the navigation bar.

TYT Members can watch on demand and listen to podcasts: 
  • TYT Plus app (available for both iPhone and Android!)
  • Apple TV and Android TV
  • Pluto.TV, Xumo.TV (ch.142) or The Roku Channel

Join via

  • If you are already a registered member, just sign in.
  • Select Join TYT
  • Select the desired membership plan
  • Create a Member Profile 
  • Select Continue
  • Enter billing information.
  • Select Purchase

Join via iOS and Android Mobile or TV apps

  • Select Join TYT from the homepage or Accounts page
  • Select Join TYT
  • Confirm subscription prompts from iTunes or Google Play
  • Navigate to Accounts and Register your account to access

And enjoy all the benefits of being a TYT Member!

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