Background Play on TYT App

Background play is the ability to keep listening to shows while the app is not open on your screen.

Background play through the TYT app is ONLY available for previously recorded programming. 

Unfortunately, it is NOT available for LIVE programming. The app has to be open to play the livestream. 

To use background play for on-demand video or podcasts on iOS or Android App:

  1. Log In to TYT app
  2. Select SHOWS > select the SHOW you want to watch > select an EPISODE (or select PODCASTS > select the PODCAST you want to listen to)
  3. Click PLAY BUTTON
  4. Select the HOME screen for your device. Video/podcast should continue to play in background.
  5. If the video/podcast stops playing, pull down the Notification Shade (in Android) or the Notification Center (in iOS), locate the TYT App notification, and click the PLAY BUTTON to resume playing

To pause or end background play:

  1. Pull down the Notification Shade (in Android) or the Notification Center (in iOS), locate the TYT App video notification, and click the PAUSE BUTTON to stop playing the video or podcast


Reopen the App to Pause or End video/podcast play

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