How can I give a One-Time Contribution?

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We understand that these are precarious financial times for many, but if you can afford to contribute, any amount will serve to ensure TYT’s long-term financial stability.

If you prefer to contribute monthly or annually, and receive membership benefits, select JOIN NOW instead.

To give a One-Time Donation on

  1. Sign In to
  2. Click on the PROFILE picture in the upper right corner
  3. Select SETTINGS
  5. Select the DONATION LEVEL that suits your budget OR
  6. Select NAME YOUR PRICE, Enter a dollar amount, and Click DONATE

  7. Enter your credit or debit card information 
  9. OR, if you are enrolled in Apple Pay, and using Safari on macOS or iOS device, you can Click APPLE PAY

NOTE: The ability to make one-time donations is currently only available on, not on the App.

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