How does this audience fundraiser relate to the climate change fundraiser of 2019?

While most of our shows are provided for free so that we can help to inform as many people as possible, our employees are the ones who make them work possible. Obviously it costs money to run a media company, and we’d rather be beholden to our audience than corporations. This requires us to do frequent fundraisers with you and that allows us to remain independent of big money control. 

Our fall 2019 fundraising campaign focused on Climate Change and allowed us to hire climate change reporter Ti-Hua Chang

This audience fundraiser of 2020 is to help us sustain and grow even during these trying times. Now, possible more than ever, we need a large progressive network like TYT to speak truth to power, inform our communities, and help bring positive change in the world.

Whatever you can contribute goes a long way towards ensuring that together we empower progressive news and hold the establishment and mainstream media accountable. You can donate at

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